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Keith Christian

"My name is Keith Christian and I am a 26 year old photographer from Brooklyn, New York. I first picked up a camera in the summer of 2011.  Once I realized how much I enjoyed photographing small moments in time I knew I had to purchase myself a camera.  It hasn’t been easy thus far but, I love doing it.  Another thing I love about taking photographs is that they are able to say so much without saying a word.  As I continue to grow and become better at my craft, I hope that photos I may have taken or will take makes someone feel like they were there or  are able to connect with it.  I am striving to capture moments that people are able to cherish for years to come."

This is the message I wrote on my website when I first started it back in 2012.  I know not much time has passed but, I am glad to know that I still feel the same way.  A difference a year makes! Sheesh!  So imagine two!!!  It is still a difficult journey but, I am trying to take it one step at a time. as I continue to learn and grow.  

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